Qui chante In your eyes?

Indice : cet artiste chante aussi 2 hearts, Get outta my way, Every day's like Christmas, Into the blue, Step back in time, Hand on your heart, Raining glitter, Timebomb, Better the devil you know, Dancing, Santa baby, All the lovers, Je ne sais pas pourquoi (I still love you), The loco-motion, Confide in me, 2000 Miles, Tears on my pillow, Slow, I should be so lucky, Spinning around, Love at first sight, Christmas wrapping, In my arms, Come into my world, Can't get you out of my head, Got to be certain, Stop me from falling, Wow, Let it snow, White diamond et I believe in you
C'est Kylie Minogue qui chante In your eyes !
Sa côte de popularité sur Quichante est de 66%

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