Qui chante Which light switch is which??

Indice : cet artiste chante aussi Weekend, Black Betty, Friends, J'adore hardcore, The logical song, Fire, One (Always hardcore), The Age Of Love, Fuck the millennium, Rhapsody in E, I'm lonely, Aiii shot the DJ, Groundhog day, Summer wine, Shake that, Stuck on replay, Posse (I need you on the floor), Back in the U.K., Ti sento, Move your ass, Bora bora bora, Mary got no lamb, How much is the fish ?, Nessaja, Jumping all over the world, The question is what is the question, Ramp !, Sound about my hair, Friends Turbo, Hyper hyper, Endless summer, I'm raving et Hello (Good to be back)
C'est Scooter qui chante Which light switch is which? !
Sa côte de popularité sur Quichante est de 50%

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