Qui chante The deepest blues are black?

Indice : cet artiste chante aussi Alone and easy target, The sky is a neighborhood, My hero, Breakout, Big me, These days, All my life, Times like these, I'll stick around, DOA, Walking after you, Tired of you, Rescued, Monkey Wrench, Best of you, No way back, The feast and the famine, Shame shame, Resolve, Let it die, Low, Friend of a friend, Learn to fly, X-Static, Walk, Generator, Wheels, This is a call, Run, Headwires, Something from nothing, La dee da, Summer's end, Aurora, No son of mine, The pretender, I feel free, Baker street, Waiting on a war, Everlong et Stacked actors
C'est Foo Fighters qui chante The deepest blues are black !
Sa côte de popularité sur Quichante est de 66%

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