Qui chante Living on a thin line?

Indice : cet artiste chante aussi Misfits, Victoria, Sunny afternoon, Rock 'n' roll fantasy, Low budget, Tired of waiting for you, Don't forget to dance, Where have all the good times gone, Supersonic rocket ship, A well respected man, Celluloid heroes, Dancing in the street, Wait till the summer comes along, Father Christmas, Till the end of the day, Shangri-la, Waterloo sunset, Too much monkey business, Picture book, The village green preservation society, Superman, All day and all of the night, Mister Pleasant, Ev'rybody's gonna be happy, Autumn almanac, Destroyer, Apeman, Dandy, You Really Got Me, Lola et I go to sleep
C'est The Kinks qui chante Living on a thin line !
Sa côte de popularité sur Quichante est de 87%

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