Qui chante Brave new world?

Indice : cet artiste chante aussi Wasting Love, Rainmaker, Futureal, Man on the edge, The evil that men do, Prowler, Paschendale, Flight of Icarus, 2 minutes to midnight, Women in uniform, Bring your daughter to the slaughter, Purgatory, Aces high, The number of the beast, Sign of the cross, Brighter than a thousand suns, Killers, Holy smoke, Wrathchild, Lord of the flies, Doctor doctor, 22 acacia avenue, The Trooper, Phantom of the Opera, Run to the hills, Moonchild, Deja-Vu, Virus , Hallowed be thy name, Wildest dreams, Running free, Fear of the dark, Wasted years, Can I play with madness, Be quick or be dead, Mother Russia et Dance of death
C'est Iron Maiden qui chante Brave new world !
Sa côte de popularité sur Quichante est de 41%

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